Critics have already watched the HBO documentary series about the Woody Allen and the Farrow scandal, and have given their ratings.

Woody Allen called the documentary series about the conflict with the Farrow family untrue

The director himself also did not stand aside and made an official accusation published by his representative. According to Allen, the creators of the project were not at all interested in finding the truth, and instead, they collaborated for years with the Farrow family to create “one-sided work, saturated with lies.” It is noted that the director and his wife Sun-Yi, who is the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow, were contacted only a couple of months ago, giving a few days for a response, but they refused.

Also in the press release, it is noted that all accusations against Woody Allen are untrue, and there was no abuse, but it is not surprising that it is HBO, which is collaborating with Farrow, who is talking about this.

Recall that the series will premiere on February 22.

Source: Deadline


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