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With the onset of the pandemic, a quarantine regime was introduced globally, so the Hollywood showrunners spent several months in isolation. In hopes of distracting themselves from the disturbing news, they watched their colleagues’ series. For example, Game of Thrones creator  D.B. Weiss decided to include  The Great with  Elle Fanning, and Eric Newman, the producer of Narco, fell in love with the Korean zombie action Kingdom. Here’s what other showrunners watched in isolation.

Damon Lindelof (Keepers, Lost) – Helpful Hints From John Wilson

” ” Useful advice from John Wilson ” – the perfect remedy for the year 2020. I’ve been afraid for a long time that I won’t see anything like “Nathan Rushing to the Rescue,” and although “John Wilson” is very original, only a fan of Nathan Fielderwill notice in him a tight thread connecting the wise and the idiotic. I have dealt with furniture covered with plastic but never asked why it was needed at all. But the authors of “John Wilson” are interested. I visited Cancun. Even though thousands of people surrounded me, I experienced intense, excruciating loneliness that I had never encountered and was afraid that others would think that something was wrong with me. But, judging by John Wilson, this is absolutely normal. My biggest laugh this year was when I watched a middle-aged man, naked from the waist down, admire the movie Parasites. while his penis is pulling on the retractable cord attached to the bed frame. But why was I laughing? And how is his stretched member connected to the very furniture? John Wilson’s Helpful Hints is my favorite form of television, and the only thing that makes sense in 2020 is questions with no clear answers. But more importantly, the show gave me a solid dose of what I needed so badly. This is an absurdity, beauty, and, above all, hope. “

David Benioff (“Game of Thrones”) – “4len”

“Perhaps this is the only thing my 13-year-old daughter and I have agreed on during the pandemic.”

Lauren Bouchard (“Bob’s Diner”) – “Lovecraft Country”

“ Lovecraft Country seems to be the most important TV series of 2020 I’ve seen. With each episode, I liked him more and more. It’s like a bad dream that you want to return to because you understand that it has some meaning. The scene where the demon girls are approaching Dee on the subway made me experience supernatural horror again, even though we have already encountered it this year. “

 Showrunners Watch In 2020
“Lovecraft Country”

Misha Green (Lovecraft Country) – Black Sails

“I rediscovered Black Sails this summer when I was in quarantine and hungry for adventure. The first season, which I watched as soon as it came out, seemed to be a bright entertainment on a pirate theme. When I turned on the rest of the series, I was delighted with the multi-layered reflection on freedom from tyranny, friendship, and the price people pay when fighting for ideals. “

D. B. Weiss (Game of Thrones) – The Great

“I really liked the Velikaya. Wonderful acting, great script, excellent direction, work of cameraman and art director … Huza! “

Josh Schwartz (“Gossip Girl”) – “The Last Dance”

“I saw The Last Dance at the beginning of the pandemic when everything was closed, and I needed to be distracted. The series is masterfully done. The music is also very precisely selected there. “The Last Dance” awakened nostalgia in me and made me remember how much I appreciate the 1990s, sports, my youth, and Jordan’s influence on all this. I watched it every Sunday, and those two hours passed quickly. “

Greg Berlanti (“You”) – “The Crown”

“This is a show about resilience in the face of big change. <…> The Crown reminded me that any time could be turbulent, and the best way to overcome it is to make you have more values ​​and loved ones. “

Alex Kurtzman (“Star Trek: Discovery”) – “Lodge 49”

“I could not guess a single plot move. And by the time the show was suddenly canceled (bring it back, AMC!), I knew and loved all the characters for their flaws, shattered dreams, loyalty to each other, and the community they fought for with such despair and dignity. I think this is exactly what we were all striving for in 2020. “

Christa Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy) – Shitts Creek

“There is no doubt that Shitts Creek has helped us get through 2020. A complex and lovely humanism story, coupled with incredible humor, romance, and well-crafted characters, was the best distraction. We just started reviewing it. I’m not one of those who watch serials in the second round, but this show is a consolation for my soul. “

 Showrunners Watch In 2020

Eric Newman (“Narco”) – “Kingdom”

“I watched The Kingdom and fell in love. This is a great directed by Kim Sung-hoon and well-written by Kim Eun-hee, a Korean zombie series about the Middle Ages. He talks about the succession crisis, a virus that infects unsuspecting people, and a corrupt political machine that denies its existence to hold on to power. In the story, the legitimate ruler teams up with a local doctor and starts a popular uprising in the hope of containing the virus, solving the problem of inheritance of power, and returning peace to the kingdom.

Leslie Hadland (Matryoshka Lives) – Dark

“ ‘Darkness’ reveals itself only brighter each time. The authors deeply explore some of my favorite topics: dualism, the struggle between light and darkness, the cyclical nature of the universe, and what we are ready for love. This show has fascinated me for all three seasons, from exploring the paradox of time to solid visuals and great music. “

Bill Lawrence (“Ted Lasso”) – “Brooklyn 9-9”

“What does ‘only one series’ mean? This is unrealistic. There are a lot of cool shows. But if we had to choose, watching Brooklyn 9-9 with my boys (they hadn’t seen it before) and laughing like we were a gang of idiots was quite fun. ”

Chris Mundy (Ozark) – Normal People

“The authors of Normal People were well aware of their tasks. I read the book and kept thinking of how it can be filmed because there is so much going on in the heroes’ heads. The series came out emotional and touching because it relies heavily on the acting and its unique pace. I watched people do this magic trick, and it made my 2020 more bearable. “

David Weil (“The Hunters”) – “I Will Fade Into The Dark”

“The life and legacy of Michelle McNamara, and her relentless pursuit of light and justice in dark times, is more striking this year than ever. Her words and heroism will stay with me forever. ” 

Bruce Miller (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) – “Escape to the Countryside”

“The Escape to the Country Show helped me get through 2020. The stories of Britons looking for painfully quirky houses in their villages are just what I need. Now I like the heated discussion of fences and garden walls. More poignant topics? No thanks. Life is harsh anyway. “

 Showrunners Watch In 2020
“Avengers: Endgame”

Mike Royce (“Living for Today”) – Marvel Cinematic Universe

“I started revisiting the Marvel films in chronological order, starting with Captain America: The First Avenger. I used to take them as homework. I saw some, missed some, and generally thought they were filmed great, but not for me. But then I found myself driven into my home, hiding from an invisible enemy that lurked around every corner, while our country was torn apart by an insensitive supervillain. And then the Marvel films hit the bull’s-eye. I admired clever storytelling, but I just loved watching the bad person who did the mean thing to win out the good one. It’s not always the case in life, unlike comics, so thanks, Marvel! “

David Mandel (“Vice President”) – “Cobra Kai”

“It was a mix from Cobra Kai and Queen’s Move. I especially liked Cobra because we could watch it with the whole family. The kids learned many new words from Johnny, and overall it was a fun nostalgic experience. I also showed my daughter Seinfeld for the first time. “

Rami Youssef (“Rami”) – “Nathan Hastens To Rescue” and “I Can Destroy You”

“Revisiting the ingenious ‘Nathan Hurries to the Rescue’ and getting to know ‘I can destroy you’  are the polar facets of human experience that helped me understand people and 2020 in its entirety.”

John Wells (“Shameless”) – “Queen’s Move”

“The Queen’s Move by my friend Scott Frank is fantastic. Traveling to different worlds was beneficial for everyone in the midst of this crisis, and after the emotional and mental damage it caused. To distract ourselves, we had to plunge into other universes, to go beyond ourselves. This happens differently than during the Great Depression and World War II. When we are worried and tense, we need to leave our physical space and plunge into another world, enjoy it. “

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter


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