Warner has no plan to release suicide squad

Warner has no plans to release of Suicide Squad

Despite the #RestoreTheSnyderVerse fan campaign to expand the Zach Snyder Justice League universe, the studio has no plans to release any Snydercut-related films, including a sequel and director’s cut of Suicide Squad.

After WarnerMedia announced that it would be releasing a version of Snyder, fans of David Eyre formed another fan movement asking for a director’s cut of Suicide Squad. The director himself supported him and after the release of the picture hinted that the theatrical version is very different from his original vision.

In response, Ann Sarnoff, head of parent company WarnerMedia, only thanked fans for their feedback but noted that the studio has many other projects about DC superheroes now.

The director himself responded to this briefly, retweeting the news with the inquiry: “Why?”

Source: Variety


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