The Future of the DCU

Two Batman and Six Films a Year on HBO Max and in Theaters

Starting in 2022, DC Films, the studio responsible for the film adaptations of the comics, plans to release six superhero blockbusters a year. The release of the films will be split: four projects will be released in theaters, and the rest will be on HBO Max. The head of DC Films Walter Hamada spoke about this in an interview with The New York Times.

According to Hamada, high-value DC comics projects – such as the Aquaman and  Wonder Woman franchises, Black Adam, and  The Flash  – will continue to be primarily on the big screen in the future. But the release of films with little-known characters will take place on the streaming service. It is assumed that we are talking primarily about the paintings “Batgirl” and “Static Shock”.

In addition to feature films, DC Films constantly discusses spin-offs of existing films. At the moment, a series about the Gotham police, which will unfold in the universe of “Batman”, and a solo project about the Peacemaker, the character of the new “Suicide Squad ,  are in the works.

In connection with the launch of various projects, the DC Films studio finally abandoned the creation of a common cinematic universe and will focus on the multiverse, when different versions of the characters exist in parallel. Thus, the company will be able to tell independent stories, as in the case of  “Joker” and “Batman”, without regard to the general chronology.

It is planned to acquaint the viewer with the multiverse in  The Flash. Along with Ezra Miller’s character, the film will feature two Batmen, played by Ben Affleck and  Michael Keaton, and introduce the concept of alternate worlds.

“I don’t think anyone else has ever tried something like this,” Hamada said of the multiverse. “But the audience is smart enough to understand the situation. If we make good films, they will accept everything. “

At the same time, the head of DC Films separately noted that the studio does not intend to further invest in the development of “Justice League of Zach Snyder” and continue the story after the release of the director’s version on HBO Max.

SourceThe New York Times


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