The Black Widow released again rescheduled

The Black Widow was moved again.  It will be released simultaneously in movies and online

In recent months, in the depths of Disney, the rolling fate of “Black Widow” has been actively decided, and the studio has finally decided. According to major publications, the film will be released on July 9, and not May 7, as previously thought. In parallel with this, the premiere will take place on the streaming service Disney +, where the film can be purchased for $ 30.

The same fate overtook “Cruella” with Emma Stone. The tape is scheduled for rental on May 28, and platform users will be able to watch it without leaving home. The price will also be $ 30.

According to the same scheme, the company previously released Mulan and the animated films Soul and Paradise and the Last Dragon.

Several other Disney films also received new release dates. So, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” will be released on September 3 instead of July 9, “The main Hero” – on August 13, “King’s Man: The Beginning” – on December 22, “Deep Waters” – on January 14, 2022, and “Death on the Nile ” – February 11, 2022. The Pixar cartoon “Luka” will be released in theaters and will go straight to streaming on June 18th.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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