Sexy Keanu Reeves in Berlin in the pouring rain

It seems that due to working circumstances the actor “changed his residence” and instead of New York spends a lot of time in Berlin for the second year in a row Keanu Reeves seems to be registered in the German capital. A year ago, he reloaded the legendary Matrix here with the Wachowski sisters. And in this – he removes the fourth part of his famous franchise “John Wick”. In Berlin, they see him all the time. Another, however, fleeting appearance – small dashes from the hotel door to the car in the pouring rain. But even this couple of frames is enough to confirm the truth: Keanu Reeves is one of the main sex symbols of cinema.

sexy Keanu Reeves in Berlin in the pouring rain

The actor looked like his popular character – long wet hair falls over his face, and a jacket covers a hastily tied hoodie. It is curious whether the artist Alexandra Grant accompanies her beloved on this trip, as it was during the “Matrix” period last fall?

sexy Keanu Reeves in Berlin in the pouring rain

In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, the actor talked about his special diet to prepare for the role of Wick. It includes foods that are low in sodium and fat. “And, yes, on the night before the great physical activity and fight scenes, I still eat a good piece of steak,” concluded Keanu. He started this gourmand tradition when he was working on the first “Matrix” (“this is an exclusively psychological moment”). A piece of selected meat gives him quite a lot of protein before intense physical activity. And traditionally, focusing on the right carbohydrates from foods such as whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits.


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