Nominees for the Screenwriters Guild of America (WGA)

Screenwriters Guild of America names TV nominees

Television categories have been announced. According to the guild, the main series of the year were Better Call Saul, which received a nomination for Best Drama Series and three times in the Best Episode category, as well as newcomers of the season: Ted Lasso and The Great. They have three nominations for the comedy genre.

Also in the drama, the projects “Boys”, “Crown”, “Mandalorian” and “Ozark” are marked. As for the category “Best Comedy Series”, it included “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “4 members”, “Great” and “What are we doing in the shadows. “

The Best New Series nominated for the projects Dave, The Flight Attendant, The Great, Lovecraft Country, and Ted Lasso.

The acclaimed Queen’s Move was awarded for Best Adapted Screenplay.

The WGA award winners will be announced on March 21, 2021.

Source: WGA


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