Blumhouse Studios, led by producer Jason Bloom, will re-launch A Reboot Of “The Paranormal Activity”. Reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Hollywood is preparing a reboot of "The Paranormal Activity"

It will be directed by Will Eubank, author of the horror film Underwater with Kristen Stewart. The screenplay will be written by Christopher Landon ( Happy Day of Death ), who has worked on the four previous Apparitions. Franchise creator Oren Peli will return as a producer.

Plot details were not disclosed. It is known that the film will once again tell the story of a family terrorized by demons, and will be an “unexpected modernization” of the series.

The Apparition is one of the most lucrative horror stories in the global box office, with six films grossing a total of $ 890 million on a paltry budget. The first part was released in 2007 and many (among them: Steven Spielberg) are considered a classic of the found footage subgenre.

Source: THR


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