Princess Diana was the source of some of the rumors about the royal family

BBC reporter Martin Bashir reportedly made a loud statement saying that it was Princess Diana who was the source of some of the rumors about the royal family. We will remind, the interview of the correspondent, in which she said that Prince Charles had an affair on the side, released on November 25, 1995, became one of the main events of the year in Great Britain.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

After that, the BBC conducted an internal investigation, as they suspected Bashir of dishonest methods of interviewing the princess. He was accused of being able to persuade Diana to have a frank conversation in exchange for fake dirt on her courtiers. In addition, fake notes were found with a series of rumors. Some of them said that Queen Elizabeth had heart problems and was ready to abdicate and that Prince Charles was in love with his children’s nanny.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Now, in new documents, Bashir claims that all the rumors were attributed to him by mistake and that they were Diana’s comments. Diana’s hot brother, Earl Spencer, believes that the correspondent forged the extracts, which stated that two of the members of the royal family were spying on the late princess. He is sure that his sister never lied to the press. The royal family does not intend to open a criminal libel case against the journalist.

Princess Diana and Martin Bashir / BBC frame

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