Prince Charles And Princess Diana’s Wedding Cake Is Up For Sale. The Starting Price Of A 40-Year-Old Treat Is 685.00 Dollars

Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the “wedding of the century” – the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. And although we know the end of this tale too well, many people want to touch its magic. And willing to pay for the opportunity.

David Avery, author of the wedding cake for Prince Charles and Princess Diana

One of the ways to travel back to July 29, 1981, is to participate in the auction, one of the lots of which will be … a piece of cake from the royal wedding. On that day, guests were treated to a five-tiered cake, but few people know that, in addition to the main treat, 22 more cakes were prepared. One of them was intended for the staff of the Clarence House residence, where the Queen Mother lived.
One of them, Moira Smith, chose not to eat but to keep the 800-gram piece with the coat of arms. To do this, she wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in a container for storing cakes, attaching a note “Handle with care” on top.

Prince Charles And Princess Diana's Wedding Cake Is Up For Sale.

The relic was kept in this form until 2008 when Moira’s family decided to sell a 27-year-old piece of cake. And now, on its 40th anniversary, the slightly dried-out delicacy is ready to meet the new owner. The starting price of the cake is £ 500, or approximately 685.00 dollars.


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