Prequel Series For The film “Constantine: Lord of Darkness”

Officially: HBO Max is preparing a prequel series for the film "Constantine: Lord of Darkness"

Variety reports that HBO Max has launched Constantine, a prequel to the acclaimed Keanu Reeves movie. However, the actor himself will not return to the role. Also, do not wait for the return of Matt Ryan, who played a dark magician in the series of the same name. Who got the main role is still unknown.

The series will tell about the young years of the life of John Constantine. Also, sources of the publication found out that the plot of the project will be connected with the “Dark League of Justice”, which is produced by JJ Abrams. Guy Bolton will work on the script.

In addition, the series is known to focus more on the elements of horror than the religious aspects of the 2005 film.

It is not yet known when the series will air. The streaming service declined to comment.

Source: Variety


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