New Details Of Armie Hammer

Paige Lauren, the former lover of Armie Hammer, who has already been nicknamed a cannibal on the web because of the shocking details of his sexual interests, gave an interview to the Daily Mail TV, where she shared some intimate moments of their relationship with the actor. According to her, the time spent with Armie was “like in ’50 shades of gray’, but without love.”

Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer

“When we were together, I had bruises all over my body. I still have some traces. I was his real Christian Gray fantasy. I had teeth and bite marks on me. He was possessed, ”Lauren said.

As Paige admitted, if sometimes she did not stop him, he could “eat a piece” of her. At the same time, she notes that all of Armie’s wishes were full of seriousness.

“He wanted to find a doctor in Los Angeles so that he could remove one of my ribs, since I supposedly don’t need it, and then grill it and eat it while I watch,” Lauren said.

Paige Lauren (photo: @paigelorenze)

We will remind, not so long ago, the intimate correspondence of the actor leaked to the Network, in which he informs about the cruel sexual desires of his victims. In the messages, Hammer asks his girls for their blood to drink, fantasizes about how he would like to squeeze their beating heart, and even threatens to rip off his head if his wife finds out about it. By the way, many girls have already spoken about this on the Internet and confirmed the actor’s “unhealthy” desires.


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