Netflix has decided not to nominate Shia LaBeouf for Oscars and other awards for her role in the drama Fragments of a Woman. The service has removed his name from the For Your Consideration section, created to promote films in the award season. Previously, singer  FKA Twigs, a former lover of LaBeouf, accused him of violence.

As noted by IndieWire, LaBeouf’s name was removed from the synopsis of the picture, as well as from the list of its creators, who were nominated for awards by Netflix. The star of “Transformers” was intended for the nomination for supporting actress. A source on Netflix confirmed to IndieWire that the service has excluded LaBeouf from the reward race.

FKA Twigs’ lawsuit against LaBeouf became known on December 11. The singer accused the actor of sexual assault, assault, and causing emotional distress. According to her, LaBeouf threatened to arrange a car accident if she did not confess her love to him, tried to strangle her, and deliberately infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Similarly, the actor was described by another ex-girlfriend, stylist Carolyn Fo. She said that once LaBeouf pinned her to the bed and hit her, after which she started bleeding.

In his commentary, LaBeouf stated that many of the accusations were not true, but added that he was obliged to “give women their say and take responsibility for what they did.” He also admitted that he suffers from alcoholism and is often aggressive.

Later, singer Sia spoke out against LaBeouf: “I also suffered emotionally from Shia, a pathological liar who tricked me into engaging in treason, claiming that he had no one else. I am sure that he is very ill, and I sympathize with him and his victims. “

Also, the media published a statement by  Alma Harel, the director of the film “Sweet Boy”, on the set of which FKA Twigs met LaBeouf. The director supported the women who spoke about the actor’s behavior and noted that his personal problems did not justify the violence.

The premiere of “Fragments of a Woman” took place in September at the Venice Festival. The tape tells about a woman named Martha, who lost her child during childbirth. The main character tries to cope with grief and to sort out a difficult relationship with her husband (played by LaBeouf) and mother. Martha was played by Crown star Vanessa Kirby. For this role, she was awarded in Venice, and now the actress is being tipped for an Oscar nomination.

 “Fragments of a Woman” hits Netflix on January 7th.

Source:  IndieWire

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