DOTA 2 Animated Series

Netflix announces DOTA 2 animated series

The streaming service has shared a video of the animated series “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood“, which will be based on the popular game DOTA 2. In addition, it became known that the project will be released on Netflix on March 25 and will consist of eight episodes.

In the center of the plot will be the demon knight Davion, who devoted his life to the fight against evil. When he meets the ancient Eldwurm and Princess Mirana, his fate takes a new turn, and the hero is pulled into a chain of large-scale events.

Ashley Miller ( X-Men: First Class ) is the showrunner of the project.

“Fans will adore our reconsidering of the DOTA 2 universe, woven from the epic, enthusiastic, grown-up story of their dearest characters. Animation, game, and music are on a new level, and I am grateful to Valve for supporting our creative ambitions, ”says Miller.

Recall that DOTA 2 was developed by Valve Corporation and is a multiplayer team game in which five players from two teams must destroy the enemy’s fortress and defend their own.

Source: Deadline


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