The star of the franchise is gearing up to promote a new Top Gun: Maverick, so Mission: Impossible 8 process has been on hold until the summer.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 8

Paramount postpones filming Mission: Impossible 8 until the summer of 2021, although she intended to shoot the tape immediately after the seventh part of the franchise.

It is noted that the main reason for this decision was the working schedule of the leading actor Tom Cruise, who needs to do the promotional campaign of the film. Top Gun: Maverick…The sequel to the famous action movie will be released on July 8, 2021. After that, Cruz will be able to return to work on the next Mission

On the eve it became known that shooting mission Impossible 7 finished successfully in Abu Dhabi and the team returned back to London to “put in the finishing touches”. The plot of the new parts of the franchise was not disclosed. The seventh film is expected to hit the box office on November 18.

Source: Deadline


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