MeToo leader Asia Argento

Actress and director And #metoo leader Asia Argento have accused Fast and Furious and Three X’s director Rob Cohen of sexual harassment. As Asia admitted in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere Della Sera, this happened during the filming of Three X’s. According to the actress, he forced her to take drugs, after which he took advantage of her.

MeToo leader Asia Argento
MeToo leader Asia Argento

“I didn’t know what happened then. I woke up naked in his bed, ”said Argento.

Rob Cohen

By the way, Cohen’s representative has already denied the words of Asia Argento.

“Mr. Cohen strongly denies the accusations of violence against Asia Argento. They had an excellent working relationship while working together, Mr. Cohen considered her a friend, so these statements about the events of 2002 are discouraging, especially considering what we have learned about her in recent years, ”- quotes Deadline.

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