Disney and Marvel are preparing a documentary series called Assembled.

Marvel will release a series about the creation of their projects

which will explore how famous superhero hits were created. Moreover, the release will not keep you waiting long – the first episode about the production of the series “Wanda / Vision” will be released on the streaming service Disney + on March 12.

Fans of the Cinematic Universe will enjoy exclusive footage from the set, as well as interviews with the creators of the films, including the actors. It is known that Scarlett Johansson will appear in the series, who will talk about the production of Black Widow, and Jeremy Renner will reveal previously unknown facts about Hawkeye.

According to the studio, this project is aimed at a deeper study of the fourth phase of the MCU. Mainly, it will touch on the upcoming series, which will soon be released on Disney +.

Source: Marvel


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