Marvel studio restored the sole rights to the characters Jessica Jones and the Punisher.

Marvel Recover Rights To Jessica Jones And The Punisher

Two years after the end of the series of the same name on Netflix, The Punisher and Jessica Jones were canceled by Netflix on February 18, 2019, after the second and third seasons, respectively. The return of rights means the potential for heroes to appear in future Marvel and Disney projects, both in movies and in Disney + series.

Also among the characters in the Marvel Universe at Netflix were Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage – all of them also returned to the company last year.

The potential return of the heroes has mentioned in a recent interview by studio president Kevin Feige: “Everyone is on board. One of the funny things about comics is that characters come and go, come and go. This inspires us for the future. There are amazing characters and actors from the series mentioned. “

According to rumors, Daredevil may soon appear in the Spider-Man sequel and in the TV series She-Hulk. Jessica Jones is allegedly also “eyeing” the latter.



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