Director Lea Remini said that Tom Cruise’s tirade on Mission: Impossible 7

Is part of a PR campaign created by the actor’s team. A former Scientologist, she believes that the audio recording of Cruz shouting at the film’s crew for violating COVID-19 measures was deliberately leaked.

Leah Remini Calls Tom Cruise's Disruption On The Set Of Mission: Impossible 7

“Tom’s reaction showed his true face,” Remini says in a letter posted to The Underground Bunker blog. – He’s a cruel man. I witnessed this, to a small extent even experienced it myself, and his ex-girlfriend, his co-workers and friends told me about similar behavior. This is the real Tom. Likewise, Tom lashed out at the servants at home when they did not have the necessary ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. This is the same type of speech that Tom gave when the assistant had the audacity to serve him a drink in a mug with a crack. “

“Tom doesn’t care about film crew families; it’s all for PR, – the director continues. – Tom does not believe in family values. It’s amazing how people buy into this. I bet this rant was written for Tom, his Scientology assistant recorded it and released it. The way a rich actor with tremendous power addresses his team in this way is a sign of weakness and a person with problems. “

Remini has repeatedly spoken out against the Church of Scientology, to which Cruz belongs, and in the letter explicitly calls the organization a cult. She notes that the church “prohibits victims of pedophiles from communicating with the police,” and victims of rape or abuse should not be told about what happened, otherwise “their lives will be destroyed.”

“Tom seems to think that Hollywood cannot make films without his help,” added Remini. – This indicates that Tom considers himself godlike, which he is told in the church. The reality is that anyone who is filming in Hollywood today operates under strict safety regulations against the coronavirus. Everyone who works now knows about it. Tom Cruise doesn’t dictate how films will be made, even if he thinks so. “

On December 16, The Sun tabloid published an audio recording of Cruise chastising the action team. Among other things, the actor claims that “Hollywood has returned to work and is now making films because of us,” and threatens to fire the violators. As it later turned out, a few days later, Cruz again broke into the film crew, as a result of which several employees left the project.

Source: The Underground Bunker

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