Last year, Kylie Jenner bought a luxury home in Los Angeles for $ 36 million, but the star decided to save money on the pressure of water in the shower, as her subscribers thought a few days ago.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner, @kyliejenner

The fact is that the star published a video in which she showed her bathroom with an expensive renovation. True, netizens paid attention not to the interior at all, but to the showerhead and the weak water pressure, which seem out of place in Jenner’s luxurious bathroom.

Subscribers noted that their water runs much better at home than in the house of a billionaire, which served as a theme for humor.

“House for 36 million and such water pressure …”, “In my house the water pressure is better than Kylie’s. A trifle, but nice “,” I have tears pouring from my eyes with more pressure than the water in Kylie’s shower “, – commented the users.

Later Jenner herself decided to comment on the situation:
“I see my shower went online. In case you didn’t know, I posted a video of a shower from my office. I think the shower is excellent, I have no problems with it. But everyone was very puzzled by the water pressure. Thanks for your concern. ” Kylie also posted a video from her home bathroom.

Her shower is equipped with temperature control, and when Jenner turned on the water at full power, she took questions about the pressure. She added that she doesn’t like wastewater.

Source: Twitter

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