Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom won’t be hosting a wedding yet, although they got engaged back in 2019. This was told by the source of the publication ET. According to him, the couple is enjoying the status of the bride and groom and they feel great after their family was replenished with daughter Daisy.

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry Orlando Bloom

“They have postponed wedding planning and are currently not even discussing a new date. There was a lot of stress and tension when they originally planned their wedding. And now the relationship between them has become very good. If everything is not broken – do not fix it, “- said the insider.

Katy Perry (photo: @katyperry)

Instead of planning a wedding, the lovers focused all their attention on raising their daughter. We will remind you, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom became parents on August 27.


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