Music starring Kate Hudson responded to negative criticism of the film for its inauthentic casting.

Kate Hudson calls Music criticism "important dialogue" 

“Music”, the directorial debut of singer Seya, has come under a barrage of outrage from both critics and members of the community of people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder). The main reason was the choice of Sea’s permanent partner, neurotypical dancer Maddie Ziegler, to play the title character of Music, who suffers from non-verbal autism.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Hudson admitted that she felt “terrible” after the scandal: “This is not just a conversation. I think it’s more of a continuous, important dialogue about neurotypical actors portraying neurodivergent characters. ” She additionally added that when seen, watchers will actually want to perceive the “measure of adoration and affectability” that was put resources into the creation of the image.

Music has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, in particular for Best Actress in a Musical / Comedy. The film also stars Leslie Odom Jr. and Ben Schwartz. After discussions on Twitter, Sia made numerous apologies and made the decision to delete her account.

Source: USA Today


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