In it, a journalist from Norway accused the organizers of the event of corruption.

The LA Times has published a large revealing article about the Hollywood Press Association (HFPA), which hosts the Golden Globes.

Journalists accused organizers of the Golden Globe of corruption

It all started when a Norwegian journalist sued the 87-member HFPA. the reason for this was the refusal to accept her in the composition. At the same time, she accused the organizers of the award that they only recruited “convenient” journalists into their ranks.

According to the journalist, the HFPA receives thousands of dollars from studios, producers, and other industry representatives to promote their projects in the award season. In turn, they replied that the prosecutor was simply jealous of the fact that she was not taken into the association.

The case was closed on this, but now the journalist has revealed some details about the upcoming award season, which made a lot of noise. This is especially true for the projects “Music” and “Emily in Paris”, which appeared in the main nominations, while taking into account the lack of such films as “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Five of the same blood” and the series “I can destroy you. “

The journalist said that in 2019, 30 HFPA members were invited by Netflix to France to shoot Emily in Paris, where they spent two days in a five-star hotel. She also revealed that each of the members of the association receives $ 100 thousand for participation in committees. In addition, the article notes that of the 87 members of the academy, there is not a single black representative of the press, and the ethics of the association has not had a very good reputation for many years.

Source: LA Times


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