Only recently, users accused Jennifer Dopes of using Botox (which the star immediately denied), as a new scandal arrived!

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez / Photo: Instagram @jlo

The singer was criticized for challenging her second album J.Lo. Lopez posted a video on Twitter, repeating a moment from the video for Love Don’t Cost a Thing. So, Jay Lo walks along the beach, takes off his sunglasses, jacket, bracelet, and T-shirt. “I can’t wait to see your performances,” the singer wrote.

This flash mob sparked a wave of hate in the comments. Users wrote that they cannot afford to throw out their clothes, especially during a pandemic: “Do you want me to throw out the sunglasses, for which I paid three salaries? No, ma’am, thank you “,” Our beaches are closed, J. Lo “,” Do you want us to appear in public without a mask? During a pandemic? Do you want us to go out without a mask and undress? I would not like to be accused of indecent behavior. I am a beggar, so I have no money for luxury clothes ”and so on.

Jay Lo herself has not yet responded to criticism.

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