Jennifer Garner has the lead role in the comedy “Family Vacation”.

which is being developed by Netflix. The actress will also co-produce with Nicole King, Lawrence Gray, and others.

Jennifer Garner to star in Netflix

The movie is titled “Family Vacation” and is based on Amy Crose Rosenthal’s bestseller Bedtime For Mommy. The script will be written by Victoria Strauss. This is not Garner’s first project based on the author’s books – soon on Netflix, there will be a picture “Yes Day”, according to the plot of which parents decide to agree to all the children’s requests.

In the center of the plot of the new film will be the Brenner family, who one morning discover that they have changed bodies with each other. Then they learn that this happened not only to them but also to the family on the opposite side of the world. Then they go on a family trip to solve the problem together.

The release date was not reported.

Source: Deadline


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