Jamie Foxx will play with Mike Tyson In The TV Series

Jamie Foxx will play Mike Tyson in the TV series from the director of "The Great Equalizer"

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Jamie Foxx ( “Baby Driver” ) has received the role of Mike Tyson in the series from Antoine Fuqua ( “The Great Equalizer” ). Among the producers of the project is Martin Scorsese.

Fox received the blessing of Mike Tyson many years ago, and now the actor finally has the opportunity to tell the story of the famous boxer on the screen. Tyson himself published his statement in which he says that he wanted this for a long time and is looking forward to working with Martin, Antoine, and Jamie.

On which service or TV channel the series will be released is still unknown. The release date has not been announced either, but Jamie Foxx started training in the summer of 2020, and the search for a location for filming will begin soon.

This is not the only project about Tyson’s life that is in development. Hulu is also preparing a series about the life of a boxer, which he has repeatedly expressed in a negative way, claiming that the service “appropriates” his story without his consent.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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