Hugh Jackman Won The Fight With Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman is declared the winner of a two-month feud with  Ryan Reynolds, organized for charity by the Sam’s Club network. The actors represented various charitable foundations, and the winner was chosen by the visitors of Sam’s Club. Jackman announced his victory on Twitter.

In the video, the head of Sam’s Club congratulates Jackman on his victory and jokes that she didn’t choose the Australian on purpose. The actor shows surprise in every possible way, after which he offers to personally inform Reynolds of the defeat. “You lost the thing with Sam’s Club. I won. Everyone hates you, “Jackman said to the dumbfounded Reynolds and interrupted the conversation.

Reynolds also shared the video , captioning, “I am literally legally obligated to publish this.”

In the competition, Jackman represented Laughing Man Coffee, which promotes fair working conditions for coffee farmers, and Reynolds supported the Sick Kids Foundation, which helps hospitalized children and their families.

Jackman and Reynolds’ miscellaneous jokes:

  • In honor of Jackman’s 50th birthday, Reynolds posted a shot from the sequel to Deadpool with Logan dead.
  • Deadpool stopped the star of The Greatest Showman from recording his birthday greetings.
  • Jackman is very reluctant to congratulate the creators of “Deadpool 2” on the release of the picture.
  • When Jackman celebrated his 24th wedding anniversary with  Deborra-Lee Furness, Reynolds wrote in the comments, “Hang in there, Deb.”
  • Reynolds attended the X-Men meeting and scared off the rest of the cast.

Source: Twitter

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