“Harry Potter” will be continued….?

Good news for Harry Potter fans. The iconic franchise will continue! Reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Harry Potter"
Still from the movie “Harry Potter”

According to media reports, Warner Bros. preparing a series based on “Harry Potter”. It is slated to air on HBO Max.

Now the project is only under development. Who will become the director and producer of the series is still unknown. However, they say that the studio is already in talks with candidates for the main roles.

However, HBO Max and Warner Bros said they have no plans for a franchise-based series: “Neither the studio nor the streaming service is developing a Harry Potter series.” We hope that the project is simply kept secret, and new adventures of our beloved heroes will await us.

“Harry Potter”

Earlier on the Web, there were rumors that Daniel Radcliffe was in talks to continue the franchise.

Recall Warner Bros. will release the third part of Fantastic Beasts in 2022. In addition, the company is preparing the video game Hogwarts Legacy.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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