Filming of the sequel “Shazam!” can start in May 2023 – 2 years before the premiere


After the first film about the superhero Shazam, Warner Bros. studio, one might say, came out of a protracted crisis, receiving not an only commercial success, but also positive reviews from critics and viewers. Therefore, now, when the film industry is covered with a series of box office failures and release transfers due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for producers not to lose a “valuable asset” and release “Shazam: Fury of the Gods” by 2023. Previously, the release date of the project was planned first on April 1, 2022, then on November 4. Now the premiere has been “pushed back” to June 1, 2023

However, despite the fact that until the second part is more than two years old, time is playing against the company’s management: the young actors who played in David F. Sandberg’s 2019 superhero film are growing rapidly. Continuation of “Shazam!” may start filming in the coming months. Zachary Levy once mentioned this . The adult star embodied in the first film the alter ego of the teenager Billy Batson, who, in turn, was played by 17-year-old Asher Angel .

In an interview with The Carlos Watson Show, Megan Goode , who plays the adult and super-powerful Darla Dudley, confirmed the rumor of the studio’s plans for this spring.

“God forbid, and” Shazam 2 “will begin filming in May.”

Which of the characters of the solo film will return to the second part, as well as its plot, is still unknown.

Source: ShazamNews

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