About The Engagement Of Lady Gaga And Michael Polanski

According to a source close to the couple, Lady Gaga is at the stage of falling in love with her beloved Michael Polanski, so “they are not yet talking about an engagement or a wedding.”

Lady Gaga and Michael Polanski
Lady Gaga and Michael Polanski (photo: @ladygaga)

“Everyone really loves Michael and Lady Gaga is very happy with him. He is different from the other guys she has dated in the past because he is outwardly very sweet and loving, and he has the spirit of an “old school” gentleman. In their relationship, she feels like a princess. She was somewhat secretive on a personal level, as she wants to protect this relationship, “- said the insider.

As the artist’s friends noted, this event will not happen soon, since the star is now very busy with her career and does not think about long-term plans for her family, “but she likes it when he is with her.”

Lady Gaga and Michael Polanski (photo: @ladygaga)

Recall that the couple’s relationship became known in January last year. The lovers were first spotted in Miami. Since then, the couple does not hide their relationship, and the singer constantly posts cute photos with Michael.

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