Emma Stone will play the female version of Frankenstein

Emma Stone will play the female version of Frankenstein in the film directed by "The Favorite"

Yorgos Lanthimos ( Lobster, The Favorite ) has teamed up with screenwriter Tony McNamara ( The Great ) to create a new project. It will be a screen version of Alasdair Gray’s novel Poor Unfortunate, which tells about the female version of Frankenstein. The lead role was taken by Emma Stone, who also collaborated with the filmmakers during the filming of The Favorite.

Stone will portray the emancipated Lady Bella Baxter, a woman of Frankenstein. She hates patriarchy and takes her own life to save herself from her oppressive husband, but she is resurrected. True, Bella’s brain was replaced with the brain of the baby she was carrying.

Filming is expected to begin in the fall of 2021. The premiere will take place no earlier than 2022. Other details are still unknown.

Source: The Film Stage


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