Director Brett Ratner will continue to work in Hollywood despite accusations of harassment and inappropriate work behavior.

Director Brett Ratner to direct biopic about Milli Vanilli on charges of sexual assault 

Deadline reports that Ratner is gearing up to pursue a decade-old idea to direct a biopic about German R&B group Milli Vanilli. The duo was formed in Munich in 1988 and gained the greatest popularity in Europe and the USA with the album “Girl You Know It’s True”. The participants were Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus.

One of the most high-profile scandals in the history of show business of that time is associated with Milli Vanilli. After receiving the Grammy statuette as the best new artist, the media published materials in which it was stated that neither Morvan nor Pilatus recorded their voices for songs, but used the services of other singers.

For hiding the facts, the duo was seized “Grammy”. Their second studio album was planned for release in 1998, but Pilatus died at the age of 32 and the group ceased to exist.

Ratner plans to work on the film with Millennium Media. In early March, the project will be presented to distributors at the virtual European film market. Ratner’s latest painting is Hercules with Luzhin Johnson.

In November 2017, actors Elliot Page, Olivia Munn, and Natasha Henstridge went public for the first time about Ratner’s harassment. In Paige’s case, on the set of the third X-Men, Ratner spoke publicly about the actor’s homosexuality. As a result of accusations with Ratner, the 400 millionth contract was canceled by Warner Bros.

Source: Deadline


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