Daniel Radcliffe Talks About “Harry Potter”

In 2001, two cult film franchises were released: “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings”. To celebrate their twentieth birthday, lead actors Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood co-starred for the April cover of Empire.

Daniel Radcliffe

In a candid interview, Daniel admitted that it was the most difficult for him to act in the underwater scenes in the fourth part of the franchise. These shootings in Goblet of Fire took six weeks, as they only managed to shoot 10 seconds a day. Overall, Radcliffe spent 41 hours underwater! To do this, he even had to take a diving course.

Also, the actor is often asked about the influence of Harry Potter on his childhood. Radcliffe believes that the actors did not have time to analyze the impact of fame on their lives. Daniel didn’t like going back to school between filming: “I’m not claiming that I had a normal childhood, but it was fun and full of love. I was an upper-middle-class English kid, went to school with other kids like that. On the site, there were people from completely different walks of life, and this gave me a broader understanding of the world. “

Still from “Harry Potter”

Before Philosopher’s Stone, the actor signed a contract for only two films. Then Daniel did not read J.K. Rowling’s books – his father did it for him. Radcliffe did not yet understand the scale of the project, but over the years he did not stop liking the franchise. The actor replied every year that he agreed to play in new films.

According to him, “Harry Potter” helped him early to understand what he wants to do in life. Radcliffe added that he was ashamed of his acting in some scenes. He noted that this success gave him financial independence and freedom to appear in various films that “make him happy.”

Daniel Radcliffe

We will remind, earlier the media wrote about the preparation of the series in the Harry Potter universe. However, so far none of the actors have announced the signing of a contract.


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